Touchscreen Repair, drums and keys

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a fellow traveller, a way to stay connected with the whole world, but also a way to pass the time when you get bored. In the past it was a necessity to call but in recent years the best technology has appeared, getting to increasingly more and more extreme levels. To put it simple, it's as if a mobile had become a part of our body, a must-have object in daily life, at work, doing sport and in entertainment. But if one day it breaks or falls into a liquid, how could you react? Phoneanatomy knows this and that is why it has been working for years to provide smartphone assistance, Ragusa to resolve any issues you encounter in your phone so you’re never left without. There are different types of faults that may occur, these include:

  • Accidentally dropped on the ground or in a liquid
  • Breaking the display (Screen)
  • Internal faults
  • Home key or side keys not working
  • Audio or video problems
  • Battery problems (poor durability, battery or broken power supply, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi or misconfiguration problems
  • Front or rear camera issues
  • Speaker or microphone problems
  • Problems with the vibrator.

These are just some of the issues that could make you have a bad quarter of an hour. Fortunately, Phoneanatomy offers smartphone assistance, Ragusa putting at the customers’ disposal the expertise of its technicians.

Your smartphone will be repaired in less than no time and you can go right back to using it as before.
Another unpleasant situation that you may face is an internal fault: in this case, what can you do to retrieve the data, photos, contacts and conversations? Never fear, Vittorio Croce, owner of Phoneanatomy in Ragusa, and his faithful colleague manage to make a backup of your phone data so you do not lose anything.

In addition to continual assistance for each model of smartphone, Phoneanatomy also deals with the sale and purchase of all kinds of mobile phones. This telephone and computer store buys the phones and refurbishes them, so that the buyer can get a mobile as if it were new at a fraction of the price.

Being a Vodafone and Three centre, you can make a top-up for your phone or ask for advice on the best rates for landlines or mobile phone.
When you enter a phone or computer shop in search of the solution to your problems, it is important to be reassured by competent technicians in the field, such as Vittorio Croce and his partner. They are able to quickly locate the fail and replace it or solve the problem.
Relying on experienced hands such as those of Phoneanatomy’s technician is always a guarantee for even the most demanding customer, who does not like to leave his smartphone in the hands of a "stranger." The phone, in fact, is no longer a merely tool for making phone calls to other people, but it is also a digital container of our personality. For this, you must always be sure of who will take it in hand.

The smartphone assistance, Ragusa also includes all actions that can be performed on a phone from a Vodafone and three centre, for example, the comparison between the various telephone charges and Internet, the change of its tariff in favour of a more advantageous, activation or deactivation of the manager's services, charging, buying internet and portable router keys to navigate anywhere, etc.